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Teeth whitening, using system BEYOND – only 750zl!!!

We all would all love to have beautiful, white and healthy teeth. However, because of eating, drinking coffee and red wine or smoking cigarettes every day, our teeth become discolored over time.

Brushing teeth regularly and hygienic treatments at the dentist can only remove a part of external discolorations. However, not those that penetrate our internal layer of enamel or even dentine.

The answer to this problem is whitening system BEYOND!!

Whitening with BEYOND is a one-time treatment involving putting special whitening gel on the teeth, and then activating it by accelerator light. The base of the gel is hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients, which increases the results and decreases after-treatment sensitivity. Whitening gel with the light from Beyond accelerator increases the speed of the gel passing through enamel to dentine. The light from the accelerator increases the speed of teeth whitening by increasing frequency, while the particles of hydrogen peroxide fall apart. That causes immediate effect of oxidation in the middle of the tooth structure, causing the visible discoloration to oxidize. After the procedure, the patients teeth are white and shiny. The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes, but it might vary depending on the case.

Treatment BEYOND is completely safe, when performed by a dentist. Teeth after whitening become ‘more receptive’ to the coloring substance and the durability of the treatment depends greatly on the patient’s life style. The effect remains visible for an average of 2 years.

Full hygienisation of the mouth – Scaling + sandblasting + fluoridation
Full package – only 250 zl!!!


*Promotion applies to services of conservative dentistry.

Full service for companies!

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Subscriptions for dental treatments
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